"The challenge to a thinker is to state the problem in a way that allows [other people to be part of] a solution"

All the work within SAGE is informed by the challenge laid down by Bertrand Russell in the quote above. In practice, this means two ideas underpin our way of working:

  • Tackling problems by building ‘communities of action’: bringing together people with common interests and facilitating them in generating generalist solutions to their shared problems
  • Using a Hub and spoke model where the learning from individual projects is shared through a collective resource (including this website) and so stimulates wider change

Based on conversations with the primary care community and our analysis of barriers to generalist practice, we are currently focusing on four areas of work:

  • Supporting critical debate to make sense of the expertise of generalist practice and articulate it in ways that others can use to advance practice: see RESOURCES 
  • Developing  resources that support others to engage with generalist practice: including practitioners, patients, policy makers, educators and researchers: see RESOURCES
  • Doing projects which advance and enhance generalist practice as a solution to primary care problems (for example, research  projects, Continuing Professional Development projects, development of SAGE groups): see PROJECTS
  • Sharing and disseminating  our learning and resources to inform and stimulate wider debate