Helping you to get back on track


BOUNCE BACK is an innovative project which seeks to transform the way we provide mental health care to the majority of patients in the primary care setting


People often come and seek help from health services because they are distressed – feeling exhausted, irritable, anxious, depressed, tired all the time. Their health problems are stopping them getting on with their everyday lives.

But the disruption to their daily life also causes distress and worry – and so more disruption. A viscous cycle.

BOUNCE BACK recognises that by understanding addressing the disruption we can help people get back on track with their daily living and also improve their mental health


Our approach

The BOUNCEBACK project employs trained case workers who will work with people to understand the disruptive elements in their lives. Caseworkers work with individuals to develop a personalised understanding of their problems, distress, and the resulting disruption. From there, working together find and create solutions to enhance peoples capacity to manage problems. The goal is to rebalance the demands upon and resources available to people, in order that they can restore daily living.


BOUNCE BACK seeks to recognise and enhance the innate resilience of individuals to manage the disruptive influence of everyday life. Medical approaches to understanding and addressing mental health needs are an important back up, but not the primary focus of our approach.



About the project and the team

The BOUNCEBACK project is a colloboration between AiW Health and researchers at Liverpool University.

BOUNCEBACK employs trained case workers to deliver care, and researchers to evaluate (learn from) the impact of the intervention.

BOUNCEBACK is funded by a grant from  the NIHR Innovation, Excellence and Strategic DEvelopment Fund (2013-2015).


Final report

The BOUNCEBACK project finished in 2015. The final report describing what we did, what we learnt can be found here.