School for Advancing Generalist Expertise (SAGE)

NEW: An extended version of our BJGP SAGE consultation model paper can be found here. The published article in the British Journal of General Practice is here.


Established in 2013, SAGE brings together clinicians, academics and lay members all working to develop generalist solutions to common primary care problems.

Generalist practice  = expertise in whole person illness care

We set up SAGE because:

  • If we want high quality person-centred primary care, we need to strengthen our capacity to deliver expert generalist care
  • Advancing expert generalist practice needs the collective efforts of clinicians, academics, policy makers and patients


To meet our goals of advancing generalist care, we work to: 

  • enhance capacity for expert generalist practice through the development, implementation  and evaluation of educational resources, thus supporting professional practice
  • identify the impact of generalist solutions on complex primary care problems through research (including generation of practice-based evidence), thus supporting health policy and practice development
  • raise the profile and understanding of expert generalist practice amongst the wider community, thus supporting whole system engagement with care


Follow the links to find out more about

  • Who we are: the members of SAGE
  • What we do: how we work,  our current projects and future plans
  • How we can help you:the resources we have developed so that others can join our work to develop generalist practice
  • Details of how to contact us
  • RCGP 2016 Council elections

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