The Complex Needs project has been running at Vauxhall Primary Health Care for 4 years.

It is a service development project, aimed at improving the care of people with complex health needs - including multimorbidity, and complex health and social care needs.

You can read more about our work in this RCGP report or in the paper we have published:

Reeve, Bancroft. Generalist solutions to overprescribing: a joint challenge for clinical and academic primary care. Primary Health Care Research & Development 2013. Click here.

We are now expanding the work to see how it can support improving care as part of the local Winter Pressures initiative.

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The Creative Capacity project is part of our work to understand how we can make primary health care more perrsonalised. It focused on the experiences of people living with long term conditions, and often with more than one (multimorbidity). Its main goal was to understand how the work of living with a long term health problem impacts on people's experiences of daily life; and so to understand when current health care approaches helped or hindered daily living.

This was a research study, intended to offer us new knowledge about the health and health care needs of people living with long term conditions. So what were the most important things we found out?

Research highlights:

·        For people living with long term health problems, the goal of health care should be to help them continue living their everyday life.

·        People are different, even if they have the same condition (e.g. diabetes). We need to find new ways to understand the health care needs of ‘this person living their daily life’, rather than ‘this person with diabetes’.

·        By speaking with people who are currently living with long term health problems, we identified 4 things which help them continue with their daily life.

·        From this we have described three new groups of health care need: that describe what care people need based on their story of the work of daily living, rather than just what disease(s) they have.

·        We will use these findings to help develop new ways to assess which patients need what sort of health care.

You can read more about the study in the report we wrote for our research participants here.

Our published study report - Rethinking how we understand healthcare needs for people living with long term conditions - has been published in Health and Social Care in the Community (2014 doi 10.1111/hsc.12175)